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5 Apr - Computer Graphics Companies in Germany

A couple of years ago, I was hunting for a new job and tried to find interesting companies in the 3D/CG field. After a while, I had a nice list of links that people asked me about all the time. CG is such a niche, the biggest part of job search is actually finding the company, not getting in the door.

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1 Apr - Implementating 3DConnexion Space Navigator on OSX

Tags: 3d modeling space mouse

As a stress test for the architectural design of the new input sub-system for the modeling core, I’ve started implementing various input metaphors and just finished the support for a 3DConnexion space mouse-type device. In general, it’s fairly simple and once you have registered for and obtained the SDK, it is a matter of an hour or so to get the base code running… in theory…

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23 Mar - File I/O Extension Point and Editing Mesh

Tags: 3d modeling alembic nurbs blender wacom oculus

The basic editing mesh and file I/O extension point of the modeler core are working now. What this means is that the basic infrastructure for supporting input/export formats is operational, at least for poly-formats - haven’t started with NURBS yet. As a proof, I’ve implemented OFF, PLY and OBJ formats as those are text-based rather simple formats. The material system isn’t ready yet so it’s all plain colors right now.


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21 Mar - A C++11 Change Notification Implementation

Tags: c++11 wpf

Since for the last two years I’ve been working with Microsoft WPF most of the time, it has become second nature to me to think in objects that implement INotifyPropertyChanged events to let the user interface now when something in the data layer changes. OSX has a similar mechanism called key-value-observing.

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6 Mar - A New Journey - The Debts of Software Development

Tags: programming 3d modeling nurbs

It’s been quite about Streetsoccer lately because I rebooted an old pet project of mine: Writing my own NURBS modeler. This is something I wanted to do for quite a while but first with My Favorite Recipes and then Streetsoccer, my spare time that I am willing to dedicate to programming was already packed. You see, I actually specialized in Computer Graphics Research at university, worked as a Team Lead for Geometry Processing in my previous company and now work in another 3D company as well. You can only work in 3D so long before thinking “I wonder if I can avoid all the mistakes that were made in this here”…


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2 Jan - StreetSoccer V1.1.0 - German Localization and Movement Area

Tags: streetsoccer ios boardgame Diceplus

StreetSoccer V1.1.0 is now heading for Apple review. This again brings a bunch of bugfixes as well as two new features:

  1. German Localization
  2. Movement Area Visualization

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25 Oct - Streetsoccer in the News
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Tags: streetsoccer boardgame Diceplus essen games convention

Exciting times! Essen game convention has just started and Streetsoccer is in the news on a couple of sites:

  • AppStore: It’s featured in the “New” and “All iPad Apps” sections of the board games category.
  • PocketTactics: Owen was kind enough to do a short announcement before heading of to his well deserved vacation and apparently David Neumann of BGG fame is going to review it soon
  • Speaking of David, he was kind enough to mention Streetsoccer in his Boardgamegeek iOS News
  • Guillaume of jeuxadeux is also going to write a review I’m very excited to read.

While there are no official reviews yet, the general reception by users has been great! Unfortunately, they have already found a couple of bugs, the most problematic one causing problems in turn-based Game Center sessions. Other bugs include the AI doing illegal moves, to being able to rename player pieces and more… it once again proves that you can test as much as you want, there will always be bugs! I hope to push out an update later this week to solve those issues.

In other news, if all goes well, our friends from DICE+ will use Streetsoccer as one of the games to demo DICE+ at Essen game fair. I quickly visited their booth today which cannot be missed because there is a 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5m version of a DICE+ hanging right over it!

20 Oct - Streetsoccer on Touch Arcade Front Page

Tags: streetsoccer boardgame ios

Well, it’s only the “Hot Games” section which is based on forum activity (and not a review), but nonetheless: right now Streetsoccer can be seen on the front page of touch arcade which is my favorite iOS gameing site. Pretty damn cool …


17 Oct - Streetsoccer for iOS available on the AppStore

Tags: streetsoccer boardgame ios games

It’s finally here. Spread the word, post reviews, let us know what you would like to see in feature updates… and have fun playing : )


11 Oct - DICE+ Support for Streetsoccer

Tags: streetsoccer boardgame diceplus

I just received a package from Poland containing my DICE+ DevKit. If you haven’t heard of DICE+, it’s a die connecting to iOS devices via bluetooth that has a tons of sensors in there. It even detects if the role isn’t good or someone tried to cheat!


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